Team Rock

Meet the team behind this purpose driven mission. Everyone on Team Rock is here because of their love for Christ. Our mission is to provide every community with the gift of music as an expression of God’s abundant grace while inspiring and strengthening our commitment to Christ.

CEO & Founder
I am first and foremost a Christian and mother to two amazing children, Chad and Kaitlyn. I am an entrepreneur, writer, public speaker, community activist and philanthropist. In all things, I put God and People first, so there is nothing that I have done and continue to do that does not incorporate my love of God and my community. I am also CEO & Founder at Ordinary People, Heroic Deeds, Teens On the Rise, The Artist Digest, Faith & Glory Magazine and HQ Radio. With a background in radio and entertainment I have had the pleasure of working on some wonderful stations, including WGFS 1430 Atlanta, WAVS 1170 Miami, Hot 102 Jamaica and WVIP 93.5 New York to name a few. Given my passion people, Entertainment and Community, I have used my platform to ensure that the beauty of the those things I love reaches the people with quality and integrity
The call to serve Christ has not been an easy walk, but because of my love for Him, I will continue to serve to the best of my ability. Once you hear my testimony, you too will come to realize that I AM a constant reminder to all, that God performs miracles each and every day.
I'm The Woman On A Mission
Series Director
I am a wife, mother of three and a radical for Christ! I love the Lord and as the daughter of a Bishop, I have spent my life with the Christian values set forth by my parents and continues to live up to those values which I have come to appreciate and rely on. My journey has been a long and rewarding one and as such I am dedicated to touching the lives of everyone around me, especially our youth and young adults according to the teaching of Christ. I am founder and part owner of Life Dome Adult services which is licensed by the State of NY OPWDD, an Adjunct Lecturer at Mercy College in the Bronx, NY and is currently Program Manager for the Visiting Nurse Service Of NY Bronx Assertive Community Treatment team. I am committed to bringing
I pull all the wonderful pieces together to help bring the Rock With Christ Music Series to your community. As a singer myself, I am well qualified to be an intricate part of this organization.
I Pull It All Together
Greeter/ Cheerleader
I am a young servant of God and daughter of Kay Starr. She's my world and has taught me what it means to be a true Christian and an overall good person. I am here as a cheerleader for Team Rock. I love being a part of something that brings the community together. Please don't let my age fool you, i'm wise beyond my years, thanks to my amazing mom.
I'm here to support Team Rock at all times. I keep things happy and light and help everyone to keep a smile on their face and keep their focus on the mission.
I Am The Glue